Conference Checklist

  1. Go to and create an account. ALL correspondence regarding the conference will go through this portal.
  2. Submit your research paper AND submission sheet.
  3. Await our response regarding your acceptance status (we will let you know if you were accepted to present at the conference or not).
  4. If you are accepted to present, we will contact you with your presentation date and time. You must confirm that you will be there to present on that date and time.
  5. If we have determined you to be a Top Paper Award winner, we will let you know that as well.
  6. Attend the conference. Bring as many friends, family members, and colleagues as you like!

It's that easy!

Acceptance Criteria

In case you are curious, here’s how we assess whether or not you are accepted to present at the conference.

All submissions will be assessed using these criteria:

  • The research submission was initially submitted by the due date
  • The paper is written at the appropriate academic level
  • The submission includes appropriate & appropriately-cited research in the context of the topic and field of study (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)
  • The paper addresses a problem or issue in the context of academic study

Afterward, all accepted complete papers will be re-assessed for Top Paper Awards, using these criteria:

  • The paper showcases rigorous research
  • The project properly integrates that research
  • The writing style is focused, organized, clear, and free of editing and grammar mistakes
  • The project demonstrates original ideas
  • The project showcases critical thinking and analysis
  • Meaningful results and/or interpretations are addressed in the project
  • The paper includes excellent discipline-specific academic citations (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: There are 3 distinct categories for the 2017 Top Paper Prize:

  • The dual credit student category, open to all Collin College Health Science Academy students who submitted a complete research project.
  • The 2-year college student category, open to all 2-year Undergraduate students who submitted a complete research project.
  • The 4-year university student category, open to all 4-year Undergraduate students who submitted a complete research project.

Remember, to identify your category on your initial conference submission.
“Top Paper” winners in each category will be contacted with the good news prior to the conference and will be acknowledged in a special presentation at the April 12, 2017, conference keynote luncheon.
Collin College winners will additionally be awarded a Collin College scholarship.


Not sure about all of this? Talk to a professor, a mentor, a Writing Center tutor, or the Writer’s Bloc student organization and work on revising and polishing an essay by the deadline. Or, contact Jenny Warren, Conference Coordinator, at

Good luck!