About Institutional Repositories

DigitalCommons@Collin’s mission is to:

  • Showcase and increase the visibility of the scholarly and creative works of the students, faculty, and staff of the college within our college community and to the local communities we serve
  • Create a space to encourage, facilitate and document collaborative work between faculty and students as well as between colleagues inside the college.

The Digital Commons Advisory Board composed of administrators, faculty, and staff works to promote and guide the growth of DigitalCommons@Collin. The members of the board are:

  • Lisa Roy-Davis
  • Scott Cheney
  • Mindy Tomlin
  • Michael Schueth
  • Beth Atkins
  • Sean Ferrier-Watson
  • Kerry Loinette
  • Jared Saxon
  • Zachary Herrmann

If you want to contribute to or learn more about DigitalCommons@Collin, please contact the administrator at DigitalCommons@Collin.edu.