This spring Collin College is hosting the annual Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Student Research Conference.

We are looking for students who have research they would like to submit to a panel or round table session. The conference is interdisciplinary; therefore we encourage students from all disciplines and colleges to submit their work.

This promises to be a fantastic opportunity for first time presenters to become familiar with the format of academic conferences.

To be able to engage at the intersections of our fields of study can only benefit the perspectives by which we view our work and those of the students we strive to educate. Ideally this conference will also forge new dialogues and research that can contribute to the widening of space in each of our given disciplines. Therefore, we would be honored if you would make a sincere effort to encourage participation in this annual Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Student Research Conference.


Student Conference Planning Committee

Jenny Warren, Lisa Roy Davis, Michael Schueth, and Kerry Byrnes-Loinette

For more information, please contact:

Jenny Warren

Conference Chairperson

Lisa Roy-Davis

Committee Member

Mike Schueth

Committee Member

Kerry Byrnes-Loinette

Committee Member