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Apr 19th, 8:30 AM Apr 19th, 9:45 AM

Social Media: Effect, Affect, Teens, and Possible Addiction

Conference Room A

Panel Chair: Lisa Nevans, Montgomery College Rockville Maryland

Papers Presented:

The iGen Gap: Teenagers viewpoints on social media's power over body image, mental health and brain development

The Effects of Technology on K-12 Students

This paper presents a case study on groups of K-12 students who are taught using innovation-centered teaching where curriculum is based on optimizing individual creative inclinations to create a simulation of product development to learn subjects that are taught in traditional classrooms. The groups consist of students from a diverse set of cultural backgrounds to gain a more well-rounded sample of how students learn using technology. The aim of this paper is to showcase methods that teach students to communicate their ideas effectively, formulate designs, and execute ideas by tailoring curriculum to a student’s natural aptitudes; students can find more fulfillment and develop critical skills for success after their academic career.

Followers of the Facade: The Rising Addiction of Social Media

This research will focus on the psychological effects contributing and resulting from the growing addiction to social media. Social media allows the ability to connect with friends, family and provides a place where ideas and memories can be shared. However, when the content shared is filtered, it creates a false persona established solely to be deemed valued and relevant by followers. The other portion of the research will focus on the inadequacy followers are left with when the content of their reality is not as intriguing as the realities they view online. Social media is a space that allows people to express, influence, and share aspects of their lives, but when these aspects are filtered, it creates a distorted perception of reality.