Reproductive System: Know the Risks not the Myths

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Apr 12th, 5:00 PM Apr 12th, 5:45 PM

Reproductive System: Know the Risks not the Myths

Conference Room A

Abstract This project will be focused on the male and female reproductive system. There are many myths on this subject that, without being informed, can lead to false misconceptions on the subject. Through an informative video, important facts will be discussed and covered while myths are corrected. This includes problems that occur when trying to achieve pregnancy and health risks that may affect fertility in both males and females. Tips and information about what happens at a urologist and gynecologist appointment will be included to make the idea of scheduling a fertility appointment seem less foreign. Topics that may happen during an appointment will also be listed such as positive and negative impacts on sperm, or ovum, and how the age of the parents can affect the fetus’ health. Patient rights will also be enlightened, as well as the importance of receiving proper medical attention. Overall, the main goal of the project is to encourage and stress the importance of being open with your partner about any STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) or fertility problems before or while trying for a baby. Keywords: [reproductive, fertility, pregnancy, time, health, risks, myths, rights]