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Conference Room B

Abstract This essay will discuss the difference between type one and type two diabetes and how it affects the pancreas. Each type allows for different symptoms, prognosis, and treatment, therefore it is pertinent to understand the distinction. Researchers conclude that the main difference between type one and type two is type one is an autoimmune disease. The pancreas is a vital organ that produces insulin to break down sugars for the body. Diabetes creates complications with the production of insulin in the pancreas, thus leaving patient’s blood sugars dangerously unpredictable. This essay will also include the importance of healthcare communication and delivery between patient and healthcare provider. It's important to provide the patient with information about their rights as well as information about their illness. This includes treatment, prognosis, nutrition, changes in lifestyle. Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects a person for the rest of their life when first diagnosed the healthcare provider should be empathetic and treat the patient with respect. Healthcare providers must provide time for grieving if needed, for the betterment of patient care.

Keywords:[pancreas, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, healthcare, communication]