GlobalEX: Building A Co-learning Third Space of Global Learning

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GlobalEX: Building A Co-learning Third Space of Global Learning

Conference Room E

GlobalEX is an ongoing global learning initiative at TCU. Affiliated with and supported by the university’s current QEP (Discovering Global Citizenship), GlobalEX has been a student-led co-learning co-curricular enterprise supported by faculty, staff, and graduate student mentors. Beginning in spring term 2016, and continuing work over the summer of 2016, a student leadership team comprised of international and “domestic” participants envisioned the learning goals, structure and timeline for GlobalEX. In fall term 2016, those students recruited first-year participants who were divided into teams of three or four members each and helped guide those community members through three stages of shared learning: EXplore (identifying several global learning activities on campus and beyond and attending as a team); EXchange (sharing inquiry questions and ideas toward planning an inquiry topic on local-global learning and beginning research on that topic); and EXtend (sharing the group’s learning on that topic with public audiences through a range of pathways).

This roundtable will include presentations on several of the inquiry topics researched by participating teams during fall term 2016: a) varying experiences of international university students around the world; b) the process of becoming a refugee to the US and entering American society; c) using SKYPE to spark international dialogue in the classroom; and d) exploring international food cultures on campus and in Fort Worth as a pathway to learning about cultural differences. A second element of the roundtable will report on learning achieved by members of the student leadership team as they not only carried out each of the three stages of GlobalEX experiences but also guided first-year program participants through those same stages and continually assessed the pilot year of the program through formative assessment processes.

Panel participants will also share reflections on the role various support structures such as a partnership with the New Media Writing Studio and connections with several graduate student co-facilitators played in enriching the co-learning experiences of GlobalEX’s first year.