Is reverse racism real?

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Is reverse racism real?

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The term reverse racism was coined during the time when affirmative action was established in 1961. An executive order established by President John F. Kennedy, to help create equality for oppressed minorities when it comes to the workforce. Despite this benefiting some, most saw the order an act of reverse discrimination. With that being said, after the use of the term "reverse racism", individuals have also categorized the phrase for other activities. Activities such as a race having a predominant ethnic television network, a university, or a month dedicated to their history. Those who complain about the subjects argument is usually"why do not all races have one." That response is appealed with " well not all races face oppression." Despite this term being utilized around the time of the 1900's, the phrase is still used today in our progressive society. With this term being utilized, a negative connotation is carried around it, which is not beneficial to society becoming unified in this troubling day and age. The only way to help get rid of this negative word is to help educate others and promote unity.