Exploration into the Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Sex Education

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Exploration into the Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Sex Education

Conference Room C


Incorporating an effective sexual education program into each school system has been a sensitive subject since the beginning of time. Biases on either side of the spectrum disagree on what is best for the students. The bottom line is schools are lacking an effective sexual education course are potentially leaving the students defenseless and undereducated. Our education system is supposed to prepare young adults to be productive citizens. Intimacy and sex is surely a part of that. We surveyed 90 undergraduate students from a Midwestern university, between the ages of 18 to 25. The participants were asked to complete an online survey consisting of a Sexual Risk Scale, Sexual Knowledge Test, and demographic information. Students were offered an incentive of course credit for participating in the study. We hypothesized that we will discover a positive correlational relationship between previous sexual education courses and behaviors toward condom usage. Ideally, as the evidence of previous sexual educational information increases, the decision to use condoms in sexual activity, with casual and new partners, will increase as well.