Aims & Scope

Forces is an annual publication sponsored by the Humanities and Communications and Fine Arts divisions of Collin College. Forces welcomes all contributions of poetry, fiction, black and white/color photography, and visual art from members of the Collin College community.

Poetry: literary and experimental, well-constructed, polished submissions are encouraged and should not exceed fifty lines. Send one to five poems. Poetry should be single-spaced unless “concrete” style. Proems (prose-poems) are also accepted.

Short Fiction: literary and experimental, well-constructed, polished submissions are encouraged. Avoid lengthy submissions. Dramatic monologues will also be considered. Pay special attention to a developed plot and fresh, concrete language. Short fiction should be double-spaced with word count indicated.

Photography: Send photocopies of photos, prints from negatives, or CD/flashdrive submission with images with submission information. Include photo titles. Standard prints required for ease of review and consideration; access to negatives may be necessary for publication.

Visual Art: Will consider original works which can be represented effectively in black and white, or full color context and transfer into print effectively. Ceramic, sculpture, as well as paintings and multimedia pieces; jpg digital disks, CD submission. Remember to include titles of works and contact information.

Essays: Personal and literary essay, general interest, personal opinion, criticism, new journalism, or general interest. Double-space with appropriate word count -1,500 words maximum.