Independent Study

Research in progress for BIOL1406: Biology for Science Majors I

Faculty Mentor: Amina Tassa, Ph.D.

I am delighted to introduce Josiah Garner’s “SARS-CoV-2: Tale of a Microscopic Murderer.” This independent study assignment explores the impact of a novel, deadly, and worldwide virus. The assignment also examines the fast development of vaccines to control the spread and reduce the symptoms of the virus.

Josiah’s paper focuses on the early history of the emergence of COVID-19, the world response, and vaccine development. He demonstrates critical thinking skills and effectively utilizes various research methods to obtain and communicate his information. Josiah skillfully analyzed the information about the novel virus SARS-CoV-2 and current vaccines. After devoting substantial time to gathering scientific research about the virus, he shaped it into a story about the discovery of the virus, the spread of the pathogen, and the worldwide response to the emerging health crisis. Josiah worked diligently online, at the college’s library, and via Zoom meetings to perfect his research paper. He has taken a difficult but timely subject and summarized its complexity through his research story.

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Amina Tassa (atassa@collin.edu)



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