Social Media and Social Physiological Effects

Research in progress for COMM 1307: Introduction to Mass Communication

Faculty Mentor: Jenny Warren

The following paper was composed by a student in an Introduction to Mass Communication course at Collin College in response to an assignment that asked students to objectively analyze scholarly research regarding the effects of mass media. Initially, students were instructed to review scholarly research relating to mass media and its possible effects. Then, after gaining new insight and knowledge, students wrote a draft of their paper and had it peer-reviewed by another student. Using this analysis, students wrote follow-up drafts in hopes that, with each draft, they would reach a sounder understanding of what the research says about the topic and then, finally, be able to apply that knowledge and literature to modern-day themes.

To that end, this paper summarizes various Mass Communication research studies and then begins to set the groundwork for future analysis regarding childhood attachments and their possible correlation to mental health issues and social media addiction.

Faculty Mentor

Jenny Warren- JWarren@collin.edu



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