The Researched Argument

Research in progress for ENGL 2332: World Literature I

Faculty Mentor: W. Scott Cheney, Ph.D.

The following paper represents work produced by a student in a World Literature I course at Collin College. Students read a selection of texts that survey world literature from the ancient world through the sixteenth century. Because the researched argument requires students to not only read the assigned piece of literature but also to enter into the scholarly conversation about that work in academic journals, successful students like Marie Peteuil find themselves producing advanced writing that shows early preparation for upper-division courses and potential for graduate-level work in the discipline. Students have to analyze and interpret texts on various levels, and this essay represents high-level critical thinking and countless hours of hard work.

Marie Peteuil’s essay documents research on the Bhagavad-Gita and contributes her own ideas to the conversation found in those academic articles. Her essay illustrates relevant research on the text while bringing her argument into the contemporary world of translation studies by interrogating common assumptions about translations of well- known texts and revealing the necessity for multiple translations that provide a spectrum of meanings for readers. She also effectively counters common arguments that are suspicious of the need for new translations when others already exist. This paper is not a typical research paper or merely a summary of a famous text; instead, Marie makes an intriguing argument about translations that students and scholars alike will find valuable.

Faculty Mentor

W. Scott Cheney




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