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More Than Words


The Profile Essay

Research in progress for ENGL 1301: Composition 1

Faculty Mentor: Lisa Roy-Davis, Ph.D.

The following paper represents exemplary research work from English 1301, the first course in the two-semester composition sequence at Collin College. English 1301 introduces the concept of academic research as inquiry by teaching students to ask focused open-ended questions and then using the library and online resources to help them conceptualize and test possible answers. Throughout this process, the focus remains squarely on questions and probable answers rather than on arguments and definitive conclusions.

In the following profile essay, Ki James thinks through his emerging research-based understanding of the use of technology in Translation Studies by considering his professor Dr. Sean Geraghty's experience. By focusing on the interview and other classroom interactions with Dr. Geraghty, Ki tests and productively questions the possible effectiveness of translation technology in navigating the more human and culture-based aspects of interpreting. Investigating this inquiry question in the profile essay not only allows Ki to test new ideas but also to raise productive research questions. Merging this research with the lived experience of Dr. Geraghty thus shapes Ki's continued interest in Translation Studies, potentially providing direction to his own future academic work.

The researched profile essay represents an alternative approach to the traditional research paper often required in composition courses. By locating an interest in a career field and narrowing their research to intersect with and amplify the experiences of a specific worker, students learn valuable inquiry-based research and writing skills while also gaining nuanced knowledge of the careers they aspire to.

Faculty Mentor

Lisa Roy-Davis




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