Objective Analysis

Research in progress for CRIJ 1301: Introduction to Criminal Justice

Faculty Mentor: Stefanie LeMaire

The following paper represents work produced by a student in an Introduction to Criminal Justice course at Collin College. The paper is an objective analysis of prominent research regarding potential police biases and how officers’ decisions may be influenced by a suspect’s race. The topic of racial bias within policing is quite controversial, as evidenced by the community protests, media coverage, and destruction that has ensued after officer-involved shootings. This assignment asks students to objectively review scholarly research on police bias and constructively criticize the limitations of the data, if any are found. Before this final assignment is due at the completion of the course, students are instructed to review two journal articles and independently summarize the literature to help them understand how to review scholarly research. Once the final assignment is completed, students are organized into small groups to discuss their research. This opportunity allows students to understand other students’ perspectives and identify research they may not have reviewed or flaws they did not notice. It also allows for an informal critique of their work. This thorough review of scholarly research helps students analyze research themselves instead of relying on sources that disseminate potentially flawed results. It is important for students to understand how to analyze research and the authors’ conclusions. It is equally important to recognize limitations of the data. The following paper demonstrates an objective review of literature and dissects the research to determine flaws in design that ultimately reveal the need for more research.

Faculty Mentor

Faculty mentor: Professor Stefanie Lemaire

E-mail address: slemaire@collin.edu



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