Theatre Discipline Lead: Shannon Kearns

An evening of Student directed, designed and produced one-acts; including Ancient History by David Ives, The Investigation by Peter Weiss, and a play without words created by Felica Wilems.

Production Staff: Brian Barnes, Felicia Wilems and Jason Stuart (Directors), Brad Baker (Producing Director), Jeff "Flip" Stover (Scenic Design), Craig "Yo" Erickson (Lighting Design), Andrew Duckworth (Sound Design)

Cast: Michael Connolly, Rachel Smith-Cahill, Jennifer Laws, Amanda Denton, Jan Martin, April Gentry, Phil Elins, Christian Elliott, Sunny Sandoval, Tom Roberts, Micheal Vaughn, Andrew Tuttle, Ali Eskandarian, Marc Rutt, Laura Ault, Aaron Liggitt, Jamie Brown

Crew: Sonya Day, Stacey Bridges, Tom "Troll" Mullens, Elisa Castro, Misty Smith


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