Theatre Discipline Lead: Shannon Kearns

From the Director's Notes: "Satire is a dish best served with wine. So, it seems fitting that the talented Sedaris family chose to serve theirs with a side of cheese balls.

"This play is about the journey we each have to take when we feel we are obsolete. Liz makes the choice to leave everything she has ever known to try and find her calling, and along the way, she finds out that nuttiness, dependency, and the desire to be needed is universal.

"When faced with the choice to conform, the search leads her inevitably back home. The lesson that we hope to share is that community is not a place but a space that we make and we leave our best mark when we share ourselves."

The Book of Liz was written by David Sedaris and Amy Sedaris.This play was staged at the Black Box Theatre at Collin College April 26-May6, 2018.


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