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Fall 2023



As always, the 2023-2024 Teaching Guide exemplifies the Collin College Book-in-Common Committee’s commitment to the goal of a year-long, college-wide engagement with an important book and its author. Highlights of this year’s Guide include:

Resources for connecting with local Native American History and Heritage

  • Responses to the text including original artwork, explorations of the major themes in Night of the Living Rez, and connections to political science and social science concepts.
  • Videos on modern-day reservation life and interviews with the author.
  • Classroom, lab and library resources including Videos on modern-day reservation life, interviews with the author and extensive library and historical references.
  • Support for a variety of teaching modalities including class discussion, journaling and reflection, extended student research, essay and research paper assignments, annotated bibliographies, and creative assignments.

The materials contained here will deepen our thinking and strengthen our teaching. Please join me in thanking the contributors who have generously made this year’s Guide a reality.

--Marta Moore



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