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Fall 2021



Michelle Harper’s memoir takes us into the world of a female, African American emergency room physician that is overwhelmingly male and white. She also takes us through her journey from a complicated childhood, attending Harvard, and a short-lived marriage and shows us how a life of service to others taught her how to heal herself. The Beauty in Breaking invites engagement from across the Collin College Community.

As Collin librarian Beth D. Atkins points out, research topics suggested by the book include systemic racism, racial/ethnic disparity, implicit bias in healthcare, domestic violence, childhood trauma, emergency medicine, community medicine, and memoirs. The book encompasses several social issues, including relationships, family dynamics, medical education, patient-doctor communication. In short, it gives a lot of flexibility in how it might be used in classes.

As always, the 2021-2022 Teaching Guide exemplifies the Collin College Book-in- Common Committee’s commitment to the goal of a year-long, college-wide engagement with an important book and its author. Highlights of this year’s Guide include:

  • Classroom and library resources
  • Perspectives from multiple disciplines including English, Humanities, Social Science, and Music
  • Support for a variety of teaching modalities including class discussion, journaling and reflection, extended student research, essay and research paper assignments, annotated bibliographies, and creative assignments.

The materials contained here will deepen our thinking and strengthen our teaching. Please join me in thanking the contributors who have generously made this year’s Guide a reality.

--Marta Moore



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