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This guide provides both practical and theoretical resources for teaching college-level writing. The following pages include basic course descriptions, descriptions of state-mandated student learning outcomes, basic administrative logistics and procedures, grade and attendance reporting, Writing Center referrals, and other information that allows you to more fully focus on teaching successfully. Beyond these basics, this resource also provides a larger discussion of the theoretical foundations and approaches for how we teach. We have added an annotated bibliography as well as sample assignments that spotlight a variety of approaches to teaching composition, argument, research, literature, technical writing, and creative writing.

To associate faculty, we invite you to share your teaching experiences and resources with the entire English faculty. Such exchanges and discussions guide and strengthen the future growth of the department.

As we are all writers, authors, and scholars who appreciate the importance of revision, please let us know what we need to add to future editions of this resource. – The Curriculum Review Committee, 2018-19

Publication Date

Fall 8-23-2019




english, faculty, curriculum, dual credit, pedagogy


English Language and Literature


2018-19 Curriculum Review Committee:

  • Lisa Roy-Davis, Chair
  • Michael Schueth, Co-chair
  • Marc Azard
  • Scott Cheney
  • Diana Gingo
  • Lisa Kirby
  • Brittany Moore
  • Gina Perkins
  • Jules Sears
  • Alaya Swann
  • Stephen Whitley
  • Cheryl Wiltse

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